Case Histories


Adimpex S.r.l. was born in 1978 as a regional company in the distribution of electronic, passive and electromechanical components. The Company chooses Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Over the years, thanks to the acquired expertise and the market knowledge, it has greatly expanded the range of products, shrinking partnerships with more than 40 suppliers and arriving to serve the whole of the national territory with an efficient sales network. The factory occupies an area of 4.000 mq of which more than 3,500 warehouses where the company stores over 15,000 different items. Adimpex has always paid particular attention to the quality of service and to the availability of stock material. Thanks to its innovative and enterprising spirit, coupled with its solidity and industry experience, for over 38 years, it guarantees the best service to customers and suppliers.

    • Field Distribution
    • Kind of product Electrical components
The project

Adimpex S.r.l. requires a careful stock management and related records, considering the wide range of products offered by more than 15,000 different references. The complex sales network covering the whole of the country also supported by e-commerce requires an information tool that allows timely monitoring of inventories, needs and, last but not least, margins on individual products.

The solution is Microsoft Dynamics NAV to meet Adimpex's requirements. The size of the business and the particular kind of distribution respond  perfectly to the technological features of NAV, guaranteeing a perfect functional coverage of all business areas by relying on a high degree of flexibility especially in commercial and warehouse management which is strategic for a purely distributive company purely distributive company.

Adimpex manages all operating processes efficiently and effectively with one tool. In particular the warehouse is constantly monitored, optimizing sales performance by optimizing inventory management and analysis of needs and sales.