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ARBO, a leader in the distribution of spare parts and accessories for heating and air conditioning systems, was founded in 1968 by the intuition of Leone Bonazzoli, still remembered in the company logo. Initially, it develops its business around diesel spare parts and then expands by increasing its range with gas boiler parts and thermal power plant components, which today represents about 50% of its turnover. A targeted product selection, customer attention and qualified service have made it possible to grow steadily on the market. Today, Arbo, with a turnover of over € 50 million, is a management company with a team of experts and is a benchmark for the professionals of its field. Widespread presence on the territory coupled with the constant commitment of its employees allows a high quality service and timely responses. Immediate solutions and customer-oriented service are guaranteed by a commercial structure that is developed through 7 Area Managers that manage 40 agents and a total of 148 employees distributed across 29 branches. Qualified technical support reachable by phone, mail, chat and whatsapp, a wide range of products with a rich catalogue of articles,  immediate stock availability with approximately 15,000 items, delivery within 24 hours for orders made within 6pm, the ability to buy online in the e-commerce site is the strengths of Arbo, where the Company intends to further invest, to maintain and strengthen its leadership position.

    • Field Distribution
    • Kind of product Parts and accessories for heating and air conditioning systems
  • Management Solutions Oasi V5 iKnow VTiger
The project

Since the foundation, Arbo has always paid close attention to computerization of business processes in order to maintain the excellence in the distribution of its products. Historical customer of Logical System since 1990, ARBO has opted and confirmed the choices towards a system with an open and flexible interface and with a high ability to adapt to business processes. The most important need of the company is to have an easy management and availability of data for everyone, as well as to constantly monitor performance, processes and workflows.

The solution adopted to meet the needs of ARBO is OASI, the ERP solution developed with the MVVM (Model-View-Viewmodel) approach. The type of distribution sector and the business entity meet perfectly OASI's technological features to ensure perfect customer satisfaction. For the control of business processes and workflow, Arbo has adopted the integrated IKNOW solution in Oasi. The web based software platform, designed and developed for business information management, allows ARBO users to archive, produce, share and make accessible all documents, including on  mobile devices. Its workflow engine allows Arbo to easily automate the operation of internal organizational processes. The large number of customers represented by professionals and experts of the field, followed by a complex commercial structure, can be monitored through the Customer Relationship Management solution VTiger CRM, which allows Arbo not only to have instant information on single records, but also to structure its commercial assets and activate important promotion and marketing activities.

With Logical System solutions, ARBO has fully automated its business processes. Management has total control over company performance. The high degree of customer satisfaction built a robust Loyalty between Arbo and Logical System over time, creating the foundations of a partnership that allowed not only customization, but also the development of the products themselves. The great customer experience of individual users is achieved through the  simple and intuitive use of the solutions as well as the facility of access to the many stock records, data and information. Warehouse management is optimized both in logistical operation that allows quick and timely execution of orders, both in Inventory Management with accurate stocks management, optimizing costs but at the same time maintaining a suitable supply of goods to meet the demands of the market. The centralized Call Center dedicated to the reception of various clients and managed by 29 different branches throughout the country can handle every contact with up-to-date data and information in real time.

For a company such as ARBO, which provides "real-time responses", Logical System software provides the flexibility, speed, and functional coverage required to handle the complexity of daily operations. A key aspect of collaboration with Logical System is to ensure continuous system upgrades, with the utmost attention to User Experience. At the same time, we believe it is very important to ensure constant assistance with both procedural and organizational measures, while enriching the long experience of our collaborators with external contributions.
Giordano Ghedini Operation Manager Arbo