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Infrastructural Services

Infrastructural Services
Logical System has a big experience in ITSM (IT Service Management) and has established tested capabilities and expertise that enable the management of its data centres and related services delivered with success and customer satisfaction.

Logical System is a reliable partner and consultant in the technology services and business process digitization, able to provide to the company value as a service.

Logical System Team, thanks to its expertise and professionalism, identifies and analyses the best IT infrastructure for the company's customer requirements, as well as to optimize its performance with a reduction in cost and time.

Logical System covers all the phases of a project, from analysis and design to the realization and installation, up to the final study of the test for verifying the achievement of objectives, and then the results.

networks and security

The "globalization" of the organizational processes and the development of new technologies constantly increases the level of computerization of companies. This is also coupled with the knowledge that business data is a priceless heritage to defend. All this has increased the value that companies attach to computer security. Ensuring the availability of information, while preserving the confidentiality and integrity, is the challenge that companies face every day, in an increasingly complex set from a technological point of view with increasingly sophisticated threats they are facing.


  • Local area network management, networking and connectivity
  • Achievements wi-fi networks
  • Design and certification of solutions / networks according to customer needs
  • Managing and maintaining LANs
  • Remote Backup Management
  • Providing services in the cloud data centre, including daily backups


  • Installation and Configuration of Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware and Firewall UTM, Anti-spam
  • Virus Removal and restoration-work
  • Vulnerability scan
  • Control and upgrade of services and / or outdated devices affected by potential bugs
  • Control and removal services or devices wrongly published on the internet


Thanks to our support services, we provide our customers with high level system technical support that guarantees maximum customer continuity.

Our support is not only limited to solving the problem, but it involves Check-up visits at the customer, during which the entire infrastructure will be analysed and verified, by updating operating systems and software (if necessary), as well as an assessment of network and server upgrades.


  • Supply and configuration of hardware and software
  • Maintenance and Assistance of software and hardware
  • Remote help desk services (by telephone or internet)
  • On Site Support (software e hardware)
  • Workstation Support - activities carried out at the customer handling, configuration and reconfiguration of the Workstation
  • Targeted analysis to network design, servers, their configuration and deployment based on the current situation and future expectations of the customer
  • Customer support in the choice and supply of new technological solutions


The expert assistance on issues related to the server ensures all the necessary controls to ensure continuity of operation.


  • INSTALLATION AND CONFIGURATION DOMAIN SERVER: a domain server increases security inside the infrastructure keeping track of everything that the individual user is allowed to do. Through the domain server the user can manage client in a disciplined way and with strict rules dictated by management
  • SERVER CONSOLIDATION IN VIRTUAL MACHINE: the target is to take advantage of the hardware resources in a more effective and productive way. A server will host one or more virtual machines which can take advantage of shared resources when they will have the need. Virtual machines are real servers that provide the user with the services and the application installed on it. Each operating system installed on the virtual machines can fully exploit the physical hardware as though it were installed on a server (traditional system)
  • REALISATION OF VIRTUAL MACHINE IN CLUSTER: the objective of a cluster is to distribute processing very complex among the various member computers. In essence, a problem that requires many calculations to be solved, is decomposed into separate sub-problems that are solved in parallel. This obviously increases the system's computing power
  • DATA CENTRE CONSTRUCTION in high reliability and in business continuity
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