Case Histories


Lazzerini Srl, a leader in the design, development and production of seats for bus, school bus, trains, ships, cars and special vehicles, chooses Microsoft Dynamics NAV to support the company's strong expansion in an increasingly international context. Lazzerini Srl was born in 1967 as a manufacturer of passenger seats for public transport. After joining the  German Grammer Group in 1996 with the entire bus seat market entrusted to the Italian company, Lazzerini Company regained its autonomy and social name in 2007. It has always been oriented towards innovation and Customer and its products are now  a reference point in the world market.

    • Field Cars / Motorcycles / Mechanical Workshops
    • Kind of product Internal equipment for means of transport
  • Management Solutions iKnow
The project

The growth of LAZZERINI SRL required a solid support in corporate organization and information systems at an international stage of growth, with the opening of new foreign branches. In particular, the production sector demanded a complete automation to optimize processes,  as well  as to get an accurate and right product cost analysis.

The solution was Microsoft Dynamics NAV, as it provides high functional coverage across all business areas and its technology makes easier the navigation and sharing data. Moreover, NAV's internationality represents for  the company an excellent support in growth goals with the opening of further foreign affiliates. Document management is instead entrusted to the IKNOW solution, which allows archiving and classification of business documents.

Today LAZZERINI srl with Microsoft Dynamics NAV has automated and standardized production processes with a supply chain planning  through MRP method. The constant detection of the work phases allows you to monitor the progress of orders and to estimate the exact cost of production. Warehouse management was also implemented and fully automated, both for internal handling and shipments to customers with radio frequency terminals and barcodes. The integration between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and IKNOW document solution enabled the dematerialization of active and passive cycle documents. In addition, the handling of customer complaints has been automated for quality department. In IKNOW document platform, the entire "pre-sales" management is also integrated, allowing the synergy between all the business areas involved in the process.

Ours is an industry with very special needs and we are committed to manage very different sales orders from each other and especially with a large number of variants. Logical System with Microsoft Dynamics NAV has helped us to standardize our processes, with a radical change in business organization through a support path still in place.