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In a context of rapid changes in the market, companies today are living a new "era", the one of the "customer experience" where the "customer" is the economic center of the universe. Social networks have also influenced  the way we work and above all to communicate. The customer always wants a more "personal" relationship with the company. And this is the best context of application  CRM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is in fact the optimal solution for your business, leveraging the management of big data and on technology trends such as cloud computing, mobility, social networking,  to achieve sales targets, to better manage the marketing activities and services offered to customers.

Designed to redefine the mode of interaction between companies and customers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution is primarily focused on people. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows to access to its data on every device, thanks to a navigation system optimized especially for those touch. The user experience offered by Microsoft Dymamics CRM The user experience offered by Microsoft Dymamics CRM is highly innovative and gives information and data relevant to the users’ work, helping people to have a better understanding of customers and above all of their needs. It also includes advanced features of social collaboration, to get in touch with people and through the most appropriate resources.

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Among the new features of Dynamics CRM 2016, that is the new version of the solution for the Microsoft Customer Engagement, the user can find a greater integration with other Microsoft technologies, from customer service assistant Cortana to Excel and Outlook and experience more compelling  on mobile smartphone devices and tablet across Windows, iOS and Android.

Improved Excel experience in CRM

It includes new Excel templates to automate core business, without the need to export data or switch to another application.

App CRM for Outlook

It allows to keep track of email through the PC browser, Mac or smartphone.

Advanced Integration with Cortana

The activities, accounts and sales opportunities are now incorporated into Cortana, who can then report the most relevant information for sales staff at any time.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps the company Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps the company to offer its customers engaging experiences, allowing it to plan and execute targeted marketing campaigns, monitoring the results, selling more effectively by focusing on the most crucial aspects to close more deals, providing excellent customer service, allowing to respond everywhere and so relevant to their needs, analysing the conversations on social networks to get an instant view of their "brand reputation" online, comparing it with that one of competitors.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Marketing is in constant evolution and change. The ability to shop anywhere at any time, to collect online information on products and services and share them on social networks means that anyone can influence any brand and / or company. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing integrates scheduling capabilities, marketing automation and analysis of results, ensuring to the users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketing functions that were exclusive prerogatives of big  business in the past. With Dynamics Marketing it is easy to create engaging customer experience, using both traditional channels and digital ones for a more effective process of generating and converting leads.

Microsoft Social Engagement

Customers speak constantly of Companies and brands on social networks, but also on blog, on forum and online communities. Conversations can be transformed into important sales opportunities with Microsoft Social Engagement, the cloud application "social listening" that is available standalone or integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NAV. Microsoft Social Engagement allows you to analyse the conversations taking place on social networks to gain a better understanding of the perception of the brand and its products, as well as to monitor the competitors.The features of Microsoft Social Engagement that are available to the marketing experts to get an instant view of their "brand reputation" are:

  • Sentiment Analysis: a best awareness of the customers and brand perception
  • Brand Monitoring: keeping track of the contest regarding the brand and products on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs
  • Competition: monitor competitor to better understand the differentiating factors, the strengths and weaknesses

Microsoft Social Engagement collects data from social networks and websites, processing and presenting then them through graphs that allow to know the comments of the customers immediately: positive, negative or neutral. Such data can then be analysed in detail to see who talks about the company, where comments and what was written have been published. A powerful  tool to easily locate the response of the final market and possibly resolve potential problems   before they turn into real difficulties.


Today's customers are very aware of the brand and the product and their purchase decisions even begin prior to be in contact with the seller. The sales team must therefore adapt to a new Customer Journey, which is the decision way that the customer makes in the various phases of purchasing. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers several features to help the sales team to close quicker more deals. In particular, considering that commercial resources are often out of the office, Dynamics CRM allows them to work remotely, anywhere  in appropriate ways and with any device.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the sales team with the necessary information and the right tools; sellers can then concentrate on the priorities and achieve rapid results. They will also involve the most important customers by customizing the negotiations and increasing sales, collaborating with other teams to exploit the potential of the entire organization.

Customer care

Microsoft Dynamics CRMis an efficient and flexible solution that meets the evolving expectations of the companies. In fact users employ simple functionalities and a familiar interface allows them to work smoothly. This solution allows to customer  service representatives to have additional, immediate and actionable information.

  • Reply faster to customers' demands, thanks to the functionality of Trouble Ticketing
  • Use guided business processes and controlled dialogs from scripts to provide a fast and accurate service
  • Simplify contract management to answer individually to single customer needs
  • Use the scheduling engine to plan services and resources in a simple and integrated way
  • Accelerate the answers to the questions of the customers through the use of an integrated knowledge base integrated in the solution