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Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the management software solution for SMEs and it integrates functionality ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)  complete,  business intelligence and reporting tools. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is abusiness management software ERP which offers to small and medium-sized enterprises a powerful solution, customizable to the specific needs of the Client. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has a high level of adjustment and it is able to expanding along with  the growing of efficiency and functionality of the developing business. The management software Microsoft Dynamics NAV is international and  currently helps more than 110,000 companies in the world to manage accounting and finance, supply chain and daily operations, in  the cloud or on the Company's customer server.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV can satisfy the needs of SMEs in particular in the following fields: financial management, manufacturing, business intelligence, sales and marketing and distribution. Microsoft's ERP solution offers a user experience and unprecedented technological innovations; Microsoft Dymanics NAV  simplifies  the access to all the information, increases the speed of the operating processes  streamlines the integration in a wide range of applications and optimizes reporting capabilities, even for highly specialized companies and fields. Thanks to the simple use each employee can contribute concretely and personally in the company's success with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP software.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the Microsoft's ERP solution for SMEs, more accessible, quick to implement and can perfectly support the business in the growth. Integration and simplicity are the key words in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  The main features  are in fact further improved, as well as greater integration with Office 365, and Power BI, not forgetting the support to the latest Microsoft technologies as Cortana Intelligence , PowerApps and Flow. The main new features are:

Office 365 e Power BI

Improved experience "in" Office 365 and native integration with Power BI. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is integrated directly with Office 365, so the data can easily be shared between users. The passage from NAV to Office tools (eg. Oulook or Excel) is immediate. Power BI can also be used to create graphs and detailed reports and then integrate them into the User Role Management page of NAV.

New and Improved Features

The setup procedure and configuration of NAV is even easier and faster. The accounting management is even more accessible thanks to the new financial statements ready for use. New categories of account optimize the structure of the chart, simplifying reporting capabilities. A greater visibility on the details, allowing you to better manage projects and simplify the work on the contracts. The products can be freely arranged and classified according to their needs, performing advanced searches in the catalogue with a few clicks and viewing only the necessary information. They may apply customized attributes for the items, giving them a value as needs, simplifying the management of the items and the issue of sales documents.

User Experience

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV User Experience improves further in terms of simplicity, productivity and performance. The browser-based interface allows you to perform more tasks, simplifying the viewing and entering data.


Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is native.


It allows customers to pay bills online, including links to payment services like PayPal. Microsoft Dynamics NAV  uses the character recognition services in paper documents (OCR) to extract the lines of an invoice and verify the data visually.

Cortana Intelligence

The features integrated Cortana Intelligence, advanced analysis suite and big data, leverage historical data and turn them into intelligent actions,optimizing the sales forecast the careful management of stocks and the satisfaction of customer requirements.

PowerApps e Microsoft Flow   

The ERP software Microsoft Dynamics NAV is integrated with new technologies such as Microsoft PowerApps and Flow. PowerApps allows the creation of business apps that connect to existing services and data sources (Excel file, SharePoint lists, CRM records, custom API ...).  Microsoft Flow involves creating automated workflows between the app and your favourite services to receive notifications, synchronize files, collect data, analyze the results.


Engineering is the industry solution certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV for the complete management of the order and is dedicated to the engineering companies in the manufacturing field, or that design and manufacture machinery and equipment on order. The completeness of the Engineering functions improves efficiency and gradually eliminates typical difficulties  in working with data, variously distributed documents and tools. The main engineering capabilities that allow  Dynamics NAV the complete management of the orders are:

  • defining the order by configurator
  • determination of the specifications by generator variants
  • budgeting and final accounting of the order and the project
  • distinct variable structure materials and processes
  • resource planning and activities
  • optimization of the project plan through a graphical interface



FoodVision is thesolution ERP dedicated to the food field. It presents even more specific solutions for various food segments,  such as processing of meat and fish, bakery and butchery, delicatessen, sweets and beverages. The Food is a sector characterized by some aspects and specific needs, such as distribution channel management, in particular the GDO (Great Organized Distribution), with the monitoring the flow of materials: from raw material to finished product, the quality of raw materials , traceability, integration with electronic instruments such as labeling and weighing machines, the availability of advanced tools to analyze results. FoodVision meets all the listed requirements  allowing the food company to have a single management solution fully integrated ERP.


ERP solutions for the High Tech & Electronics industry

The field of the High Tech & Electronics is conditioned by the demands of a market based on production volume, more and more oriented to the reduction of time-to-market by imposing supply logic influenced  by the constant demand to meet timing, quantity and quality standards. Thanks to the specific ERP management solutions solutions based on Microsoft Dymamics, the Client Company will improve efficiency, the operational and control capabilities on procedures and accelerate the time-to-market. Logical System Team, thanks to its integrated skills with the potential of Microsoft Dynamics, go with  companies towards a path of improving performance, increasing the efficiency in the operation, control  procedures and speeding time-to-market. The application also allows one Total Quality Product development and adaptation to customer specifications, on time and in the quantities required. Integration with CRM modules improves the commercial tools, while ad hoc capabilities optimize purchasing processes. Finally  specific tools are able to optimize  the efficiency of logistics, transportation, while also allowing a rational and flexible management of the warehouse.


ERP solutions for the Industrial Equipment Industry

The Industrial Equipment industry is characterized by competitive set with complex needs, where the claim of fast delivery times clashes with the demand for low costs and the need for investment returns; the balance circle of such forces obviously closes itself with the need to respect an excellence quality. Thanks to the specific ERP management solutions based on Microsoft Dymamics, the Company may obtain the integration of the various business and production processes, reducing the time to market and ensuring a constant financial control. Logical System Team  supports the company in a process of change aimed at improving performance and control of all business dynamics. The technological lever of the solution is the vertical Microsoft Dynamics for Industrial Machinery and Components, purely developed for companies that produce components, sub-assemblies and complete systems. The flexible and scalable features of the system, cover major critical factors in the industry, from planning cost and bid management to product configuration (even with multiple variations). They also allow to increase control over the different phases of the production process, ensuring the traceability of materials and real-time availability of updated data on individual items. Other benefits derive from integration with PLM (Product Life-cycle Management), which allow the management the monitoring of the entire life cycle of a product from the  ATP feature (available to promise) for inventory control, functionality Lean Manufacturing for integrated supply chain management..


ERP and CRM solutions for Professional Services

In the Professional Services field,  the service provided is mostly intangible, so it requires maximum specialization and an excellent quality level. Here the efficiency becomes vitally important for the company  to achieve its business objectives as it is in front of to a comparison of  the accuracy of project estimates, compliance with the agreed deadlines and, not for last importance,  the satisfaction of customer needs. Companies and professionals working in the professional services field become truly competitive only if they have the tools to manage the different aspects of the company's value chain in an integrated way. In sales and marketing, for example, the relations with customers, suppliers, partners and consultants must highlight the specific excellence, strengthen and defend the market position, cure existing customers on an ongoing basis, functionally linking the promotion and execution. Today the pressure of competitors on prices requires a perfect automatism among project management tools and billing  , as well as between the management of the budget and the final balance reporting of their activities. In this context, the component diversifying and competitive in the company becomes the  human capital, and in detail  the selection, retention and development of human resources. It is therefore necessary to have tools that allow an exchange of information quickly and efficiently between customers, partners and employees and allow a multi-channel access to project documents, such as:

PSA – ERP, vertical management solution PSA proposal by Logical System based sull'ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV,   enables the full check of the order 360; from business planning to budgeting, from scheduling departments and resources to final  accounting and ending with an analysis of costs, revenues and margins. The standard production management of Microsoft Dynamics is completed by PSA with the integration of BOM system and integration with the order. It addresses in particular to all companies that design, produce and deliver products and services on order to answer to specific needs of its customers.

PSA -  CRM, for Dynamics CRM  the solution for Professional Service companies: it ensures contract management, project management, resource planning, timesheets and it is fully integrated with Outlook and connected to Dynamics ERP or other back-end financial instruments. The operators can use an easy and user-friendly application, with the ability to manage projects, plan programs and budgets, continuing to work in the environment of known Outlook. The Company may choose to manage customers and contacts with Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality; the vertical solution Assistance PSA will  add project management, from the calculation of planning, time management and recording and billing expenses. So all the information into a single platform, both online and offline.


ERP solutions for large-scale retail trade

The market of the large-scale retail trade is highly complex, but it is precisely this complexity that can turn into an important  opportunity if managed with an integrated management software, able to overcome traditional systems functionality. The increase of efficiency and productivity, cutting costs can be attributed to companies of mass retailers  a significant advantage in a highly competitive market, where the development of new channels, the quick changing customer demands, globalization, compliance legislation are only some of the issues that the field must take on daily. Low margins and high cost of excess inventory make fundamental financial control; furthermore the companies of the Wholesale sector must renew the activities basing on new production methods such as global sourcing, cross-selling activities and innovative technological solutions, to be competitive. Microsoft Dynamics NAV guarantees to companies operating in the large-scale retail management solutions for any need of company,  with fast and affordable implementations. With the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the support of Logical System Team , companies of large-scale  retail trade have the ability to optimize order management,  , improve staff efficiency, reduce time and error margins. Also the improvement of inventory management by PDM (product data management)  automation simplifies control of reserves and inventory management. The company also has the ability to have the full control of the visibility on the production cycle.  The elimination  of manual tasks, the RFID technology and EPC (Electronic Product Code) ensure a considerable reduction of time and costs, and ensure compliance with the regulations and requirements of the main world buyers.


Trimit Fashion

Trimit Fashion for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is  is the verticalized solution for companies that operate in the fashion industry and dealing in particular for producing and / or distribution of clothing, sports goods, leather goods, pret-a-porter, footwear and accessories. The solution Trimit Fashion for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is multi-language, multi-currency, multi-company, and is now used by main companies in the in the national and international fashion field. The quality of the ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV  combined with the vertical Trimit Fashion ensures excellent  coverage of all of the fashion  industry processes along the entire business chain and its capabilities go far beyond the standard ones provided  for in a generic   IT solution for fashion.


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