Case Histories

Moretti Forni

MORETTI Forni, the absolute leader in the production of static ovens for pizzerias, confectioneries, bakery and kilns for ceramics production, chooses OASI of Logical System, IKNOW e VTiger CRM. Born in 1946, with the first electric oven for bakery, the historic company was the first in Italy to introduce the benefits of electric cooking by turning to a market that until then was tied almost exclusively to wood baking.

Successive generations will dedicate themselves to the industrialization of processes and products, as well as to the expansion of the offer, giving to the brand a strong and international reputation, until today with the opening up of business policy towards globalization of markets. Today four are the guidelines that make up the company's mission: innovation, reliability, security and eco-compatibility aimed at saving of resources and energy, all backed by a story rich in tradition and passion for work and an Italian connotation linked to the territory of origin.

Each product line of the wide range of products is planned, designed and manufactured to offer practical solutions but with high technological content to the users, thanks to human capital skills consisting of highly qualified and motivated resources and technological capital, mainly formed by the experience handed down from generation to generation and from important and steady  investments. All without neglecting what is the most current and pressing topic: sustainable development.

The project

Moretti Forni is a historical customer for Logical System. In the 1990s, the customer needed to have a software that would guarantee the company's computerization in the various operating areas. The search for a reliable partner was crucial to the expansion phase in which automation and process control were a top priority.

OASI Logical System because it enables efficient and effective functional coverage of all business areas. A flexible and highly configurable ERP solution to ensure a perfect user experience.

The OASI management integratesIKNOW solution for document management across all corporate sectors.

Considering the orientation of MORETTI FORNI towards a careful customer management in an international market, the company has decided to integrate the V-TIGER CRM. solution in OASI ERP. The Integration between OASI and VTiger CRM can be an indispensable support in the managing of customers.

The ERP OASI solution has been perfectly adapted to the company's structure, thanks to the high degree of configurability of its functions that were quickly adapted to the enterprise's business sector, therefore responding to the needs of all areas and ensuring total control activities. Thanks to the graphic interface, the solution is simple and immediate to use for all users.  The business sector can also rely on a very important CRM support from the adopted Vtiger solution, which allows the Company to track customers in an international context as well as to manage promotion and sales activities.

One of the strengths that has allowed Moretti Forni to grow in recent decades is to collaborate with some suppliers who are considered to be essential Partners. Logical System is definitely a very important Partner in our hardware and software development over the last two decades that has been growing steadily over the years. At the end of the 1990s, with the increasing demand for data analysis / processing, Moretti Forni started an evaluation with some software houses in search of the best company that offered a quality package at an optimal price. The essential points considered by  Moretti Forni for the analysis were the following:
  •  Economic aspect of purchasing and servicing of software and hardware package
  •  Availability of software house to make the customizations required at low cost
  •  Possibility of access to source programs freely without any license restrictions
Obviously Logical System has completely overcome these 3 questions, leaving nothing to the case, initially presenting itself as a "small" company but with a great potential for development. Also demonstrations made at the first approaches were also very convincing, stable and above all functional. Obviously, this link has been steadily reinforced over the years, both for the development of the management package and new software package requests. Today, Moretti Forni uses in addition to the OASI management software package, iKnow for data storage, vTiger for managing the trade and service package, and now developing production data management, ......... keeping an eye on the future!
Luca Bartolucci Production Manager Moretti Forni