"The enterprise is the place where innovation is made and the entrepreneur is its creator. Every enterprise that continues to be simply managed and administered, even with the utmost competence, if it does not change continuously and does not fit to new tasks and to new situations, loses all meaning in time and is destined to disappear. " (J.A. Schumpeter, 1927).

Today companies face new challenges every day, certainly not the last ones imposed by the new economic scenario of Industry 4.0 and in particular the digitization process. But they are not just challenges. Companies should also be able to grasp the opportunities offered by this new era and digital technologies.

The new challenges and new opportunities are linked to a single concept: change or “change management”, as it is called within companies;  the essential capacity for organizational and cultural renewal that must be considered beyond technology.

The promotion of novelties inevitably requires the involvement of all actors in a project, because sharing new ideas and potential issues with external actors (eg. customers, suppliers, universities, institutions) is definitely a key asset for identifying innovative solutions and effective in the company. Moreover, the resulting contamination allows the network's success in the actors, territories and not just in the single business.

Change must always be considered a stimulus to grow, to optimize and necessarily to compete. Any form of internal resistance will be an obstacle to improvement.  

We at Logical System are focusing our attention on our customers, on the  human capital of the company with the introduction of new resources to devote to programming, support and assistance, and products with the reengineered software proposal that can meet new customer needs to change and improve with us!



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