CRM: the customer is the centre of attention in the company

CRM: the customer is the centre of attention in the company

A good relationship with the customer is one of the fundamental principle for a company's success. In a rapidly changing global marketplace, businesses are faced with an increasingly tight competition where listening and understanding of the customer can become the point of difference and the basis for setting up all business operations. Internal resources must therefore be able to provide fast, efficient and effective communication tools to support all their pre-and post-sales activities.

These are the basics of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) by incorporating any kind of information about the relationship between Company - Customer, allows to understand and analyse the datain order to facilitate the processes, to simplify the exchange of information and transactions, to ensure support,  to promote relationships,  even to anticipate any requests and e future customer needs. 

CRM: It's not just software

In this phase of Digital Transformation it is now essential for the company to have an evolved CRM capable of engaging, rethinking and offering functional, èservices and consistency with Real customer, needs in order to improve business efficiency according to a highly integrated, multichannel and multifunctional logic of chain.

CRM is a concept that is closely linked to strategy, communication, integration between business processes and people, which keeps the customer always at the centre of attention,  both in B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer).  CRM is therefore not just a question of marketing,  or just IT systems.

So, even if we can not equate and limit CRM to a software,we at Logical System are proposing VTIGER   which is a technologically advanced Open Source Web-Based solution for customer management and loyalty designed for SMEs,  in continual evolution, flexible and interfaced with other Logical System solutions. Obviously, our Team also guarantees the necessary consulting support from highly specialized professionals, because we must not forget that we need to invest first in strategy, organization and communication only after technology.

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