Artificial Intelligence: the effects in the company

Artificial Intelligence: the effects in the company


David Schubmehl, Cognitive Systems and Content Analyst research director, explains: "Intelligent applications, based on cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and deep learning, represent the next long wave that can turn consumers and businesses into work and learn." These applications are developed on cognitive / AI based software platforms that offer tools that can provide predictions, advice, and assistance by not referring to fixed and predefined algorithms but that change in relation to machine learning features and therefore related to the ability to learn .

Artificial intelligence is therefore destined to become soon a key component of the IT infrastructure in all the companies that need to understand and plan how to adopt solutions and use these technologies in their organization (IDC Analyze the Future Source).

The effects

Artificial Intelligence and in particular its effects will force companies to make substantial changes in their organization, but also in their own strategies. The effects and timing of the A.I. on companies will depend on several factors and in particular from the field and the organization. According to Gartner within 2022 year Smart Machine and Robot could replace highly qualified professionals in the medical, legal and IT sectors. Financial services will be an area where automated jobs such as granting a loan and adjusting insurance claims can be the first field to have this transformation. More generally, routine functions will be destined to be replaced by the A.I.

For example in the IT organization, on the operating side, and in particular in system administration, in the help desk, in project management, the most prominent feature is artificial intelligence.

Focus on value-added activities

According to Gartner, the A.I. will definitely reduce employment in some areas, even completely replacing some roles, but will allow the companies involved to have more resources in terms of time and workers to improve the service level, handle more aspects, challenging role where the human side is irreplaceable, as well as reducing stress levels. One of the benefits of the A.I. will be the improvement of the organization of companies, in which the creative part will be destined to emerge more and more, and creativity will be one of the most precious and valuable skills in the world of job. After all Artificial Intelligence is already abundantly used in companies. 38% have some kind of solution in the offices and unexpectedly the A.I. is actually there when it does not seem to be there. 88% of companies are confident of exploiting systems provided by third parties that somehow leverage algorithms, machine learning and so on.

Obviously, the A.I. is already a reality in LOGICAL SYSTEM and in particular in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Solution OASI V5  . In fact, digital resources and collaborative tools, through the OASI V5 Chat Bot, allow the management of effective and collaborative teams. Digitized and basic information, such as the agenda and payment schedule, or the most complex alerting notification, are excellent collaborative tools and assistance to enabled users. For more info, contact our ns. Sales Dept.

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