Logical System launches the new communication campaign

Logical System launches the new communication campaign

The spirit of our company, leader in the Information Technology industry, emerges in the phrase of the most eclectic Italian artist-designer chosen for our new planned advertising campaign. It is moving up the requirements that we return to our customer one of the most precious assets: time.

So the six polychrome faces of Rubik's cube are tinged with white, the daggers lose their tedious interweaving, the puzzle breaks down, the riddle  is lost in meaning ... and time resumes its scanning

It's not magic. It is knowledge, is constant updating, is investing in technologies. It is a wish to grow and improve.

The new campaign, created by the Omnia communication agency, tells the values of our brand and the desire to face the challenges of Industry 4.0 with energy and determination, already a daily reality of Logical System.


The campaign is intended for communication on the various channels with social media marketing activities that will involve the social networks and advertising pages present mainly in newspapers and magazines of the economy and industry.


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