Logical System New Brand Identity

Logical System New Brand Identity

Logical System officially presents its new Brand Identity. "New" compared to the previous graphics,  but in line with the quality of processes, products and services. A superficial revolution: an adaptation to the distinctive values of the Logical System.

The inspiration was sought "elsewhere" and in different contexts. From the geometry of the forms of El Lissitzky ("Russian artist", lived between 1890 and 1941 and polyhedral as a painter, designer, photographer and architect, he dominated and dictated the bases of 21st century design with his concept of geometry of forms, adhering to the current of Suprematism first and to that of Constructivism then), to architectural structures, from the typographic study to the essential lines of today's design.

Conductor wire and planter map is the concept "Realtime Software, Realtime Support" that defines the Logical System Point of Difference.

The result is a flexible and scalable "logical" system. A single sign to tell the concepts of "realtime" and "support”.

Clearly the institutional website has also undergone a complete restyling. The result is a digital meeting point between Logical System and its customers and prospects. The new site tells the identity and values of the Company and its ultra thirty-year experience in the Information Technology World.

The simple and modern design allows a user-friendly navigation path that will quickly find the products and services offered by Logical System on a single digital platform.

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