Logical System is present in the magazine JESI E SUA VALLE (number 4 of 25 February '17), further confirmation of the close link between our company and our territory, , because we are facing the future with the roots in Vallesina! Here is the article ....


JESI - It was December of 1983 when three young computer technicians set up a Logical System, a software house specializing in supporting manufacturing companies in Vallesina and neighboring areas. These were the pioneering times for computer science and the economy in general, and there was no talk of globalization, of Community and non-Community markets.

It's been 33 years. And that company has grown up, it has changed. However, it did not leave the spirit of innovation, nor did it turn away from his Marche roots that allowed Logical System to face the economic crisis, challenging the company with new technological solutions and investment policy. A choice that today allows it to count 40 employees, anticipate 4 new recruits in 2017 and record steady growth (33% in 2015 compared to 2014 and 11% in 2016 compared to 2015, year of exponential growth and discontinuity with respect to the previous average).

To carry on the dream of those 3 young computer scientists today is Filippo Moscatelli, a native of Fabriano, whose business began in 1989, when the then president of the Logical System proposed him to enter the capital of the Logical System, given the results obtained as the sales manager. Shortly after the move to President of the BoD, role which he is covering since 1992 with rationality and passion, two qualities that he says he borrowed from his passion. “Sport - emphasizes Moscatelli - forges character, gives clarity and lucidity in identifying goals, creates incentives and motivations, and makes you accustomed to never giving up”. Virtues that Moscatelli also leads to "be Marchigian”: “Borning and growing in these places is an added value for all the economic operators in the region and above all for those who live here. We Marchigians have a greater march than our compatriots: we are stubborn, we want to work and produce, we have 'crafts' (just think of shoemakers, craftsmen, packers, stampers and printers, not to forget the' papers ') and we love our identity”.

An optimal size that has allowed the company to upgrade, continuously. From the company's innovation from the '80s - the Unix world, the milestone of modern computer science - has moved on to the fundamental partnership that Logical System has with Microsoft. “Microsoft's only brand - says the president - is a guarantee. This consolidated partnership has allowed us to make a great journey with opportunities for connections, interactions, key business and multiple innovations that give voice to technologies that are changing the world around us”. Until the answers to the needs of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” to which Logical responded by presenting the innovative Unic@Suite4.0 platform, where the reengineered and rewritten products of the company will converge, in particular the new ERP OASI V5 system. Unic@Suite4.0 will represent the common environment for all Logical System solutions from the second semester 2017. And companies will have a tool to fit into a digital and innovative context with the guarantee of a "made in Marche "signed Logical System.

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