On October 21st, 2016 the Realtime Convention of Logical System was held at Hotel Federico II in Jesi.  

Important names of the national economy and business, such as Roberto Sommella (editorialist for Corriere della Sera and Huffington Post), Filippo Schittone (Director of Confindustria An), Giordano Ghedini (Operational Manager Arbo), Claudio Tonti (Creative Director and Digital Strategy Websolute), Alessandro Lepore (Partner Account Manager Fujitsu Italy), Gabriele Gasparetti (Operations Manager Logical System) have contributed with their interventions to explain the needs and transformations of an economy that changes and to analyse the necessary adaptation systems of the enterprise.

The attentive audience, made up of several Logical System partner companies was able to receive important information on the innovative management of their respective Companies, an interesting comparison with other realities of the territory and not, and also updates on incentives for private investment in technology and goods Industry 4.0, private sector tax credit in Research, Development and Innovation and economic support With Venture Capital Funds dedicated to start-ups Industry 4.0.

At the conclusion of the Conference the dinner, which was further enlivened by the comedy of Max Giusti, host of the event.

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