M.E.S. in the Industry 4.0

M.E.S. in the Industry 4.0

The M.E.S. system (Manufacturing Execution System) has a fundamental role in innovation in production processes, as its application enables efficiency, technology, control and digitization.

The M.E.S. in fact is the system that allows the organizational evolution of production through the automatic collection of data and especially thanks to the powerful process control and monitoring capabilities: production management (ie production managers, plant managers, managers and controllers)  can check real-time production trends, resource status, departmental efficiency, and simulate and optimize any production process.

Companies that rely on investment and technology changes to actually become Industry 4.0, will enjoy important tax benefits foreseen by Piano Industry 4.0.

The M.E.S. system is part of the innovations provided by the Plan: if it is connected to machines and systems for automatic data collection, it is in fact technologies that allow companies to access the tax benefits provided by the 2017 Budget Law. 

Logical System, always close to the needs of manufacturing companies, proposes the M.E.S. , In particular with the updated solutions THRON and T.O.F.

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