NPR Next Production Revolution and new industrial philosophy

NPR Next Production Revolution and new industrial philosophy

Industry, Science and Work, are the items of the G7 that is taking place in Venaria (TO) during this Innovation Week. Manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence meet to establish together with the 7 most industrialized countries in the world as a government to give innovation that is giving life to epochal change.

Next Production Revolution,  the production revolution dictated by new paradigms based on new digital technologies and not, new materials and new processes, is the basis for a final statement already drawn up by the summit to use technologies for growth Sustainable, Increased Productivity and Improving Living Standards.

Starrings in the topics are SMEs which represent in the G7 countries a weigh more than 50% of GDP and employ 56% of the employed.

Inclusion, Opening, Security are the goals of the new industrial philosophy; achievable objectives, facilitating effective transformation and access to digital platforms, facilitating the free flow of information, ideas and knowledge through the development of connectivity and through the agreement between the nations for data protection, the theme so dear to the EU.

The Minister Calenda said: "Innovation attracts but frightens". - Cooperation between the most industrialized countries and the support of SMEs by governments, but also by ICT experts and specialists, will be crucial to the application of new technologies and thus to ferry current companies to the broader concept of Enterprise 4.0.

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