The story of Mina on the stage of Maiolati Spontini with Logical System

The story of Mina on the stage of Maiolati Spontini with Logical System

May 23rd, 2017: Press Conference today in Logical System. In fact, the show "Anna Maria Mazzini in art Mina" was presented to the main media in the territory and the centre of Italy, which will be held on 26 May at 09.00 p.m. at the theater G. Spontini,  of Maiolati Spontini (AN). Logical System will be the official sponsor of the show, which sees Sabino Morra as author and director and defines "Teatro Cantando" his latest work.

After a brief welcoming speech by President Filippo Moscatelli, the thanks of Roberto Campelli, President of the Association Premio Vallesina and Mayor of Monsano, for the commitment of Logical System also in the social. Then it was the turn of Sandro Grizi, Councilor of Culture of the Municipality of Maiolati Spontini who, besides being thankful to the Company for hospitality and support, talked about the performance, the professionalism and originality of the director and the importance of the participation at the event on Friday May 26th. Last but not least, Sabino Morra, who did not want to unveil all the secrets of his show, not to be considered a cover of the greatest Italian musician, but the narrative of a story. The protagonists as narrators and singers will be Susanna Amicucci, an overwhelming Anconetan singer and Paolo Notari, a journalist and television broadcaster, as well as a skilled singer since the beginning of his career..

Thanks to the Logical System Company's contribution, the Vallesina Onlus Association was able to organize the charity show with the purpose of raising funds for the International Youth Orchestra of the Association.The initiative, involving dozens of kids,  was born in 2011 on the thrust of Father Armando Pierucci, the Franciscan friar of Maiolati Spontini, who for 25 years created the Magnificat Music School in Jerusalem, where Israeli, Palestinian, Muslim, Arabs, Orthodox kids of all faiths and all the traditional cultures live in harmony and friendship with each other to demonstrate that cultivating peace is possible and never like at this time there is a nee.

“There was not a moment of hesitation in deciding to support the initiative," said the President of Logical System. We wanted to dedicate our attention to a local event, capable of supporting a reality with a strong social and aggregate value, rooted and bound to its territory, but able to look beyond the boundaries. A reality with projects, growing ... somewhat like us. The orchestra of the Premio Vallesina Association is this and more. We hope that the public will appreciate the show, which is fun and can do their part lightly and with pleasure”.

A spectacle certainly not to be missed….


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