UX = User Experience

UX = User Experience

UX or User Experience are terms that now have entered in the common language of all of us. The experience of using is the set of thoughts and feelings of an individual when interacting with a product or a service.

The experience of use therefore involves both experiential and affective aspects, allows to attribute a sense and value to the system with which the user interacts, causes personal perceptions primarily on levels of utility, simplicity of use and efficiency and consequently produces reactions.

Thoughts and feelings are the protagonists, so UX has a subjective nature as it results in a personal vision of the user and therefore not always objective. It is also dynamic, as it may change over time as circumstances change.

The concept introduced for the first time by Donald Norman in the mid-1990s is essential for our R & D Team, referred to in the study, analysis and development of IT solutions, by designing the features and needs of the users, identifying their context of use. So our focus is not only on usability, that is the degree of effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction of a program, which in fact is just one of the components of the user experience.

Our goal is to offer usable software while ensuring a pleasant user experience.

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