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Oasi V5

OASI V5 is the ERP solution developed with MVVM approach (Model-View-ViewModel) with total pervasiveness by browser. The opportunity for consultation through mobile devices (tablets and / or smartphones) allows to have under control the financial performance, turnover and production efficiency of the company at all times and everywhere.

In OASI V5 maximum attention is given to aspects of consultation and of company's data aggregation that management   can easily display through dashboards containing parametric queries which are essential to monitor and "drive”  the business. In  OASI V5,  the data processing and consulting are   simplified as well as its data entry entry to ensure the highest levels of Advanced User  User Experience.  Queryi tools, powerful in their operation, also allow a quick and easy setup. 

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Flexibility of an owner ERP product

OASI V5 has created and developed by an internal and highly qualified team, after careful  analysis of market and new technologies. Special needs of the customer can be easily satisfied.


Maximum configuration flexibility in the navigability of the information to allow the immediate analysis of both aggregated data (zoom-in) and analytical ones (zoom-out) .

Prompt information

Top management can independently have data and information processed in real time and also represented by different types of graphics, through configurable dashboard.

High level of configurability

Each user can edit and save filters, visibility and systems based on its profile.

Digital resources and collaborative tools

Chat allows the management of effectively collaborative workgroups. Digitized information, such as calendar, schedule, and so on are excellent collaboration tools and support to authorized users.

The office always in your hands

OASI V5is a Pervasive Computing System because completely accessible through any browsers. It can be be consulted anywhere and at any time of the day also by mobile devices.

The procedures in individual business units have been engineered to meet the needs of different market fields, with configurations particularly suitable for:

  • manufacturing enterprises
  • molds and moldings
  • plastics processing and plant engineering
  • chemical and pharmaceutical