Our services


A team of professional from Logical System offers a wide range of consultancy services to support and optimize the company client. The main consulting services are BPM (Business Project Management), CMO (Organization Change Management), Finance &Performance, Production (Planning& Control)

BPM “Business Project Management”

To improve the efficacy of business processes

Through   BPM (Business Project Management)   and activities carried out  by  by professional and competent experts,  Logical System supports  customers in the design, optimization, monitoring and system integration, in order to create or improve a process oriented to make performing the business of company.

Logical System Team  analyses and studies in detail  the situation in place, through the study of the processes, the identification of critical issues, the proposal of solutions and the redesign of new  processes based on prefixed target. The intervention provides for the control and the possible application of  corrective actions of the enterprise integration level, acting also on the effectiveness of support information systems.

The resulting benefits are many: reducing costs with  increased efficiency of organizational processes improved monitoring  of business dynamics, the improvement in the supply chain system and even customer experience.

OCM - Organizational Change Management

To reduce operating costs and efficiency improvement

Logical System supports and joins the company in the interventions of Organizational Change Management, through the sharing and implementation with the top management of a specially developed strategy.

The planning begins with the analysis by the Logical System Team of the new targets set by company management, to continue with the design and implementation of solutions able to integrate with each other and at all levels,  so procedures and processes, structure and human resources and of course information systems.

Finally the impacts on human resources are analysed for the implementation of corrective on the results performance, if not in line with the prefixed targets.


For the planning and control of financial management and corporate performance

Logical System supports the Company in the development of applications for the planning and the control of financial management, the constant monitoring of the results and consequently to improve business performance, both at an organizational and operational level.

The target is to achieve immediately a detailed management and financial reinforcement,  a more important control of budget / cost /  revenue that allows the Company to improve and optimize the decision-making capabilities of management as well as a direct analysis of the profits.  

The Financial and Performance activities that are realized through the implementation of advanced information systems, extend from the industrial accounting instruments up to performance indicators (KPI). The industrial accounting instruments are able to prepare a detailed report  of the  situation in place in the Company, with analysis and control of costs and revenues.

The performance (KPI) indicators instead allow to get detailed reports for top management of the Company that will be able to make an accurate economic and financial monitoring, thanks to the immediate collection and analysis of data.


To improve the production and logistics management

The Planning and Production Control activities modulated in the context of the current situation,  act directly on the supply chain, coordinating  processes between internal and external resources and resolving any planning problems and production control.

The target of the Planning and Control Production is to detect and remove inefficiencies,  improve forecasting capabilities and performance of the supply chain at all levels.

The activity of Logical System Team, through the Planning and Production Control, allows the Company to make corrective actions to achieve substantial benefits even in the purchasing process, management of materials and stocks, in the lead time reduction and in the control of logistic performance.