About Us



Logical System is a software house leader in the Information Technology field. It was founded in the early '80s in Jesi.

Founded as the software industry, it develops towards a solution factory, anticipating and applying consistently the paradigms established by the new information economy and digitization.

The IT experience and skills of Logical System team have enabled the development of owner solutions, such as ERP and Suites Management, Scheduling, Multi Project Management, Document Management, today used by leading companies in the national and international markets.

The distribution of Microsoft Solutions reinforces the value and completes the offering strategy, thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint applications for medium and large enterprises. Logical System is not only a software vendor; technological skills and the very high level of specialization of the team in fact guarantee an important business consulting, which can cover the needs of the different critical areas in a company and in many sectors of business, with a particular focus on Manufacturing, Engineering, Industrial Equipment, Fashion, Food, GdO and Professional Services.



This is Logical System's mission.


In a world where time is one of the most valuable assets that many times you can not buy and that is synonymous with money, savings, efficiency, almost always turnover and often "useful" in an enterprise, Logical System ensures effective, fast, up to dated software which makes profit for the company.

Sometimes the company's survival, its capacity for change and adaptation, renewal, study of new products depends, competition, … depend just from time!


A prompt customer support is available and easily accessible; a fast and accurate assistance service because it is directly connected with who develops and implements software.

Immediate answers for immediate solutions. The customer support is a top priority for Logical System, both in emergencies and in support to provide users with the profitable and responsible use of all the functions of its information systems.