Case Histories

Reca Plast

Specialized in the design and manufacturing of plastic articles for various industries, RECA PLAST has been working 30 years to constantly meet the different needs of customers with practical and functional solutions, always ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards. A rich know-how in the plastics industry is applied and expanded daily on an ever-expanding and lively international market, while keeping intact the bond with its own territory of origin. RECA PLAST has over time built a dynamic and collaborative environment that combines design and technological innovation with the goal of promoting true values of made in Italy.

The project

RECA PLAST is in continuous technological and organizational development and therefore the company has the need to optimize and streamline the operational processes of the various functional areas. In addition, the company needs in particular a tool to monitor production cycles punctually, as well to generate an exact list of needs through the MRP of the management, with the use of a single product.

The ERP solution adopted is OASI designed to meet the needs of different business areas and the requirements of RECA PLAST. The OASI information system is supported by MES, an integrated set of Logical System functions for the managing and controlling the production sector.  MES optimizes production activities throught the scheduler THRON, while T.O.F. allows constant monitoring of actual results with is network of devices installed on-board.

Reca Plast, with an only partner represented by Logical System, effectively manages all operating processes in the various business areas. In particular, the production sector is optimized and constantly verified, with the possibility of effective planning through the  Strategic choices allowed by Thron's finished capacity calculations. The discovery of the produced pieces is carried out in real time with the accurate analysis of the interruptions and any wastes.

Just over a year ago, we decided to rely on the Logical System considering their experiences and long collaborations with companies that are very similar to ours. Today we are pursuing the task of defining and customizing the various IT tools to provide a more efficient and effective work environment thanks to the support and skills of the Logical System operators.
Remo Carnevalini (Amministratore Unico Reca Plast)

Ever since the first meetings, the customer has showed the primary need to adopt a single solution to keep in control all business processes, in particular to handle both construction and maintenance orders, up to that time managed extra system, and the Planning and reporting of production, managed with software parallel to the previously used ERP. Adopting our ERP Oasis, integrated with the @MES that includes THRON for end-of-turn scheduling and T.O.F. to detect machine-to-machine data via PLC, as well as managing all of the strictly managerial needs (accounting, administration, logistics, etc.), we have made it possible for operators to have full control over information regarding the planning and real-time performance of the production units (from the control of production and efficiency to the standard, to the cost of the sales orders). In addition, with ERP Oasis, we have integrated the management of the Polish branch by automating in particular the shipping area, which easily handles the shipment of goods, clearing the possibility of errors, through the use of the Radio Frequency Terminals.

Bruno Moriconi (responsabile ERP Oasi logistica e produzione)