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Take BI
Take BI is a Business Intelligence platform that offers detailed information to facilitate rapid and effective decisions.
Business Intelligence includes processes and tools through which a company is able to collect and analyse data of different nature to deduce strategic decisions.
Every day every company produces a lot of data that often remain unused.
With the advancement of BI tools, companies are able to organize the data collected into structured, shareable and useful information to make strategic decisions with increasing speed and effectiveness.
Take BI allows you to create a collaborative environment thanks to the immediate accessibility of data.
Data are transformed into visual objects, captivating and shareable with the whole work team on any device; they can be explored and analysed visually in local and on the cloud.

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  • Possibility of using large data volumes.
  • Enterprise-level model and self-service business intelligence in a modern platform.
  • Possibility of customizing dashboards and interactive reports.
  • The entire company organization can be resized with predefined functionalities for governance and security purposes.
  • It allows the non-homogeneous data to be carried to the Data Warehouse, both by form and by source, and also from more than one company. In the same dashboard can therefore be reported data of the same company coming from different sources, but also data of different companies coming from the same or from different sources.
  • It allows to establish the "data culture" in the company, favouring collaboration between all users in each role.
  • Take BI can be directly interfaced with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Oasi V5 and possibly to another ERP solution.