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THRON is the finite capacity scheduler and  is an effective computer tool developed to optimize the planning of production processes.

THRON is the Advanced Planning and Scheduling System (APS) designed to extend the capabilities of ERP systems to the simulation of possible future states. Intuitive to use, fast execution, easily configurable, Thron is a tool that uses advanced mathematical algorithms to accomplish the optimization or simulation of planning. It is an analysis tool that allows to drastically reduces the time required for production planning.


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  • Minimizing the costs of set-up and improving performance

THRON produces a sequence of works based on priorities, attributes, characteristics and / or associated recipe with the specific production unit, minimizing set-up times. From the analysis of data obtained from Thron also by displaying the Gantt Chart of sales order and / or resource, the user can not only check the current status and future of the company, but also the possible improvements in productive performance can be evaluated.

  • Planning optimization avoiding possible bottlenecks

THRON improves production planning in SMEs as it also allows the calculation at infinite capacity to highlight what are the bottlenecks, according to the delivery dates requested by customers. In this way, the Production Management will have some data to make strategic decisions on the scheduling (shift work from inside to outside or conversely, to enable any additional shifts / overtimes).

  •  Efficient Resource Use

THRON allows, not only to respect the lead time, but also to balance the workload on the various resources until their saturation with a consequent optimization of production costs.

  •  Program efficiently and share the production plan 

The production plan is sent to individual work centers (where the start events of production and the advancement of open orders by the scheduler are noticed); the optimization algorithm positions the workloads on the various resources in order to respect the commitment of production capacity and those of phases sequence. For companies with tooling problems dependent on the specifications of the products processed in the single work center, Thron proposes the "conditional tooling" module that allows quickly determine optimal sequences on the resource.

The wide possibility of configuration makes Thron suitable to shape the most varied types of products, with particular expertise developed and tested in the fields of molding and sheet metal processing, plastic molding, metal industry, home appliances, manufacturing molds, plants, food, chemistry, high -tech and electronics