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T.O.F. - Tracking on Field

With T.O.F. the Company's production will always be under control. T.O.F. makes it possible possible to detect in real time the number of pieces produced, any interruptions of the work and / or waste. A network of devices installed on board of the machine allows the constant control of the production; products data are ascribed manually by operators or, in some cases, automatically by directly interfacing the machines thanks to the available signals.

T.O.F. can provide for units connected to each single machine operated by a concentrator module connected to the corporate network that allows to view from anywhere the actual status of each individual machine to authorized operators. The simplicity of use requires very short times for the learning and start-up.

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  • Control and monitoring work progress

The configurable statistics system allows the Production Management to set up queries on critical parameters and track listing any time the information gathered through the aggregate data and summary to the detail of each record work progress.

  • Simple user and immediate interface

The interface has been carefully designed to be simple and immediate with the selection keys "on hand" and with texts or images that make unambiguous the choice of the user. Operators can access to the data from workstations connected to the network, consisting of a PC and / or industrial PCs.

  • Information and orders always just a click away

With T.O.F. the user has access to all information necessary for the production with the possibility to effectively eliminate all paper media of sales orders in process and deleting the downtime that often occur in search of the information necessary to start-up of the single production order.

T.O.F.  It is easily applicable in the most varied types of products, with particular expertise developed and tested in the fields of molding and sheet metal processing, plastic molding, metal industry,  home appliances, manufacturing molds, plants, food, chemical,  high-tech electronics,  ...