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VTiger is a Customer Relationship Management solution designed for small / medium customer-oriented companies.  A tool able to lead the company in the structuring of its business assets, the starting point to increase the efficacy of sales and marketing efforts.

With VTiger in fact can be analysed customer behaviour in order to  then establish strong and effective relationships.  Furthermore, the Company can identify new opportunities from the information collected on the market to increase its business. VTiger VTiger is a software CRM Open Source Web-Based mature, evolving, flexible and  can be extended and interfaced with other Logical System solutions. VTiger  has excellent configurability to be customized according to requirements of the Company. 

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  • To create a single shared environment where to collect and organize information from heterogeneous sources.
  • To share objectives, processes and information in support of individual productivity and decision making processes, communicating externally a shared vision.
  • For the optimization of the activities, by managing the calendar that allows the user to check own appointments, commitments to well carry out in a collaborative environment through the function of the shared calendars.
  • To increase the company's efficiency and to enhance performance,  increasing  sales through improved customer relations.
VTiger fits perfectly in all customer oriented companies operating in any field of market. Therefore  companies who want to effectively and efficiently place the customer at the centre of the organization, following truly the philosophy of Customer Relationship Management, to be appreciated by the customer and improve company performance.